Pool 8 - 2009

115 online
Aim for victory! Pot the balls before your opponents!
115 online

Pool 8 - 2009

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Choose the stripes or the solids and pocket them all! Great fun guaranteed!

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How to play Pool 8 - 2009?

  • Click on the white cue ball to begin a shot. During the break, you may first click and drag the cue to change its position on the table.
  • Click the cue stick and, while holding, drag it around to aim at the white cue ball.
  • Find the cue stick in the control panel box. Click and drag it down to determine the strength of the shot. The farther down you pull the control panel cue stick, the more powerful your shot.
  • Right click anywhere in the game window. This causes the cue stick to hit the cue ball.