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Know a lot of words? Try WordPlay and find out!
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Have you ever played Scrabble? Did you like it? If yes, then you will surely like our WordPlay – great way to compete and have a good time. The possibility to play for GameChips will make the game even more competitive.

How to play WordPlay?

  • When you begin a session you first enter the game room where game tables are found. To begin a new game you can either join an existing table or create a new table by clicking "create table."
  • In the table view, you can begin a new game by clicking "start game" or wait for the table administrator to do so.
  • The first player starts the game by placing letters in the center of the board to form a word and clicks "ok."
  • If a letter is placed on a cell of the same colour as the letter, the letter scoring is multiplied by three.
  • White tiles can be used as any letter the user chooses.
  • The game ends when the time runs out or if all players fail twice in a row to make a new word.