Make it back with Rakeback! The more you play the more you get. What are you waiting for?

What is rakeback?

It’s a loyalty bonus that adds extra value to your gaming experience. Earning Rakeback is an easy way to recoup some of the GameChip fees taken during online play.

What is rake?

It is a 10% fee taken in the game of Bingo.

Every single account is automatically qualified for our Rakeback program.

Claim your Rakeback and check actual statistics by clicking the purse icon visible in the Flash and Advanced versions of Bingo.

Find out how you can benefit from the GameDesire Rakeback program:
  • It’s for everybody- no status requirements (Chief/Lord/Ace)
  • Play more to earn more - the more you play the more you get!
  • It’s not just for winners - play in a raked game, earn rakeback. Period.
  • No need to send us a bill - Rakeback is automatically tracked and paid directly to your account.

How to Qualify:

Play games, collect points and achievements!

Fight your way up the rankings and earn points to see your status rise!


Why buy GameChips?

  • Glory - play at high stakes to compete with the best players
  • Riches - become a (virtual) millionaire
  • Adrenaline - get your fix of casino excitement
  • Novelty - anything’s possible when the cards are in the air.

Why become a VIP?

  • VALUE - get 50% extra GameChips with every purchase of at least 100K
  • BLING - show off your new VIP sign for your login and profile
  • RESPECT - show the competition that you are here to win