Tysiacha 2009

95 online
A győzelemhez érd el elsőként az 1000 pontot!
95 online

A játék menete Tysiacha 2009 - játékszabályok


After launching the application you will encounter main lobby window. It's split on players photos and rooms section. You must log on before joining any room or game.

The main window Tysiacha card game. This allows the glass to start the game in a thousand of other players joining the tournament in Tysiacha. The window contains two sections: Player profile and a list of available rooms for playing Tysiacha.

Getting Started

You can start the game in three ways:

  • Tournaments - automatically transfer to Tournaments Lobby
  • Play now - auto assign to random free table
  • Join - choose a room from list by clicking „Join” button

The panel contains a list of tables designed for playing tysiacha and a list of players currently in the aforementioned desired peace.

Table list

The simpliest way is entering existing table, created by another player by clicking active green „Join” button. This option allows to enter the table and start the game. On table list you can recive accurate informations about all avalible tables and always join any table as a spectacor by clicking „Watch”.

The panel allows you to create a separate table dedicated to the game allowing Tysiacha create two types of tables: a table ranking the private or the game. In addition, we can determine the time available for the player's movements in a single batch Tysiacha.

„Create Table” button, visible under tables list, allows you to create your own table with chosen parameters. You can create table faster with automatic parameters by clicking „Play now”.

Players list

Players list is avalible on right side in „Lobby” bookmark. You can sort list in any way (e.g. by nicknames). You can recive basic informations about player by clicking his nickname. Also you can open developed list with many options by clicking arrow icon near player nickname (e.g. private chat, add to friends/ignore list, see full profile on WWW or invite him into the game).

Personal Options

They are avalible when you are sitting at the table.

The panel provides the ability to configure Tysiacha card game. It allows you to leave the game, hide chat, display a list of players at the table and turn off the sound for the game.
  • Game options - bonus options (e.g. exit game)
  • Hide chat panel - you can turn off chat and recive better view for your coupons
  • Players in room - by clicking this icon you open players list
  • Turn the sound off


In chat window you can see what other players writes to main lobby of the particular room. Also here are avalible private chats in special bookmarks and icons „Report abuse” (when somebody break rules) and „Set most frequently” used defines to improve your chat and response quickier.

The game Tysiacha have built-in chat at the bottom of the game allowing communication between players while playing party in a Tysiacha.