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How to play Poker Texas Holdem - game rules

Bad Beat Jackpot

The jackpot is a special GameChips bonus you can win while playing poker Texas Holdem. The Jackpot is built from the rake that is taken at the poker tables. The more players that play the games - the more rake taken and the larger Jackpots. The Jackpot is hit when a player has a very high ranking hand and loses the pot to a player holding even higher ranking hand. Also, the hand must be played in a showdown and players must use both their hole cards to form their respective best hands.

41461576 GameChips to win!

Minimal losing hand ranking that qualifies for the Jackpot can change from time to time. Current minimal ranking is:


Jackpot is progressive. It means that if you play at higher stakes you can win bigger part of Jackpot. Jackpot can't be won on private (closed) tables and in heads-up (1 vs 1) games.

Bad Beat Jackpot payout is done as follows:

50% for the player who lost the hand
25% for the player who won the hand
25% split between remaining players participating in a hand