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so,this pervs topic 09/02/2018

              I know women who think all men are pigs, I know women who think that all men want is sex and nothing more as if they were some horny animals with no brains... this must start in childhood when kids only pick on them, teachers have sth against them, rain comes just to mess up their hair... grow up, wee58... 
           why don't those men pick on me or other women playing in here?
just think about it for a minute!! Cheers!! 
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  • borisgozdenovic לפני 8 ימים
    I know right,
    She put a picture of her back as her profile picture and then complains when some random men send her pms saying "you have a nice body". Such an attention seeker and narcissist
  • EgoPatrol לפני 7 ימים
    yes, quite annoying
  • Ninja82 לפני 7 ימים
    [Quote] wee58 How come Perverts are aloud to stick pictures of them playing with themselves [/Quote] see the spelling mistake? Clue (allowed).
    Someone here compared me to the moron, which I found offensive.
    I only want sex with a Woman, I can feed, clothe and bathe myself. I do enjoy the female company and I enjoy spending sleepy time with a female.
    I have been for the past thirty years with the same female.
    Men and women are here to create new life, whether it be the natural way of a Turkey baster. I know females that only want females for sex. I know females that only want men for sex. Seems the 21st century has reproduced a clone of Mary Whitehouse. I am smart, I have four A'levels all A's Chemistry, Biology, Math and further Math. I have a doctorate in applied Chemistry. I am attractive I am fit.
    Men and Women are ****sapiens. Though we have similar gentic code to Pigs, we are not Pigs and that is offensive.
    ''Kids'' are baby Goats.
    I have never raised a hand to my children nor a female.
    I don't use this website other than games, silly flirting and banter.
  • EgoPatrol לפני 7 ימים
    she's got issues, that's for sure!!
  • Ninja82 לפני 6 ימים They are obsessed with me.
    S/he is very queer indeed.