Become an Ace

עבור השחקנים והמשתמשים הטובים ביותר של GameDesire הכנו מערכת חדשה של נקודות וגאדג'טים. זכיותיך והסיוע שהיגשת בפיתוח השירות יזכו לתגמול.

Play games, collect points and achievements!

Chosen successes mean getting given amount of points and a special achievement.

Every month your points are exchanged to special statuses visible next to your nickname:

  • 200 points to Chief GameDesire
  • 1000 points to Lord GameDesire
  • 3000 points to Ace GameDesire

The statuses entitle you to get 50% extra GameChips with every purchase of at least 100K! Your achievements will stay with you. However, received statuses (Chief, Lord and Ace) are awarded for one month - the competition for them starts from the beginning with every month. In order to keep the status you need to have as much points as the distance to a lower status. That means you need to have 2000 points to keep the Ace, 800 to keep Lord and 200 to keep the Chief. If you don't have the required amount of points you fall to a lower status and if you have the Chief you lose it.

Why to buy GameChips?

  • become a virtual millionaire
  • play at high stakes to compete with the best players
  • feel the casino excitement
  • more unforgettable impressions are guaranteed

Why to become a VIP?

  • VALUE - get 50% extra GameChips with every purchase of at least 100K
  • BLING - show off your new VIP sign for your login and profile
  • RESPECT - show the competition that you are here to win