I have received a private message from the administrator

If you received a message from a person claiming to be an administrator, which invited you to visit a website where, after registration, you will be rewarded with GameChips - please be warned that this is a scam. Do not trust such messages and please report them to us immediately.

These type of actions are meant only to steal your password - and your GameChips.

Administrators will never ask you for your password, also will never start a private conversation with you in a chatroom. You will never receive a message from us containing a link where it is necessary to log in. Please be wary of any link that takes you off-site. Our website’s address is GameDesire

Waarom GameChips kopen?

  • wordt een virtuele millionaire
  • speel met hoge inzetten om de beste spelers te evenaren
  • voel de spanning in het casino
  • nog meer gegarandeerd onvergetelijke indrukken

Waarom ​​VIP worden?

  • krijg 50% GameChips extra bij elke aankoop van minstend 100K
  • win een prestigieus VIP teken voor uw login en profiel