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I Totally HATE LIARS !!! and Backstabbers and people who just DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • DivineChaos13 dagen geleden
    Happy Independence Day Rhonda!!!
    • Bluedahlia13 dagen geleden
      Happy 4th of July Sylvia !!!
  • MagikStar13 dagen geleden
    Thanksv for the 10 K Chips ive catched here Rhonda
    • Bluedahlia13 dagen geleden
      yvw gf ....feel free to stop by any time
  • Yehudit15 dagen geleden
    Rhonda, please accept my condolences. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    May his memory be for blessings and good memories you shared.
    • Bluedahlia15 dagen geleden
      Thank you very much Judy for your kind words and blessings ♥
  • Suzy_Q6915 dagen geleden
    Rhonda, so sorry to hear about your dad,,, My condolences to you and your family
    • Bluedahlia15 dagen geleden
      Thank you very much Suzy It's times like this that bring everyone closer together...ty ♥
    • Suzy_Q6915 dagen geleden
      Big Huggggsssssss
  • DivineChaos16 dagen geleden
    Rhonda you and your family are in my prayers hugsssssssss hun <2>
    • Bluedahlia16 dagen geleden
      Thank you very much Sylvia
  • joanna0816 dagen geleden
    So Sorry about your dad Rhonda
    • Bluedahlia16 dagen geleden
      Thank you Joanna i'm gonna miss that man greatly
  • Bluedahlia16 dagen geleden
    This one's for my Dad-- R.I.P. Daddy I will Always love you!!!

    ~*~ My Old Man ~ Zac Brown Band ~*~
  • Yehudit105 dagen geleden
    Hi Blue Thanks for the bonus chicken lol : ))) Happy Easter
  • redfish32656117 dagen geleden
    hello there i try to come in game desire but it wont load i need some help please
    • Bluedahlia116 dagen geleden
      Hello back, Have you tried a different browser.....?
  • Bluedahlia134 dagen geleden
    ♥Black Label Society ~ A Love Unreal ♥

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