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Quality is better then Quanity.
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Pool 8 - 2009

Pool 8 - 2009
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  • bigchief557 dagen geleden
    Pretty Lady
  • leilakalomi16 dagen geleden
    lol where did you get that edited version of that clip john I have seen every episode of the original series ever aired, and that is definably NOT how that ended?
  • jaysfan0125 dagen geleden
  • leilakalomi97 dagen geleden
    Has anyone ever felt like they do all the work and a coworker come in and cir***vents your place on a project to finish up the job you started and take the credit for your work for himself? And if you have what did you do about it without losing your job? Did I mention the person doing this is the boss's wife and that she works at the company too?
  • wpgmb129 dagen geleden