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Geesh! getting personal now! Alright I'm 6'-1", 205 lbs, blue eyes, shaved head not by choice I just gave up! ..I'm married to a beautiful woman (Ironmansgal).. I am a foundry-man and have been for 22 years now. I play guitar and...er..oh wait see my interests below.....
Well first, the female anatomy is a great interest of mine! Oh ya for all the Q's that may be running through the heads of the females? Yes! She Knows I have female friends online! We are very se***e and open! K back to the interests... I spend a lot of time revolving around music. I played in a band for 10 years but now just record for fun in my mini studio. I'm always up for the great outdoors...camping, hiking, sex, fishing, and schmores and schmellows over the fire! I love to play all sports like hockey, baseball, sex, soccer, football, and i work out a couple times a week. I know it doesn't show but hey I try! I am also a Grilling lover, as well as knowing my way around a kitchen.
Ulubione filmy:
As far as movies go i would have to say my favorite would be that all time classic "Debbie Does Dallas".
Ulubiona muzyka:
My favorite style of music would be Classic rock...Led Zeppelin, Bad Company,etc...But I appreciate all styles.

Ulubione książki:
The ones that are thick enough to level a bed.
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Czego nie lubię:
Prudes, elitists, and when my balls contract from prudes and elitists.

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  • destanee1356 dni temu
    I wanted to thank you for the awesome CB an PUs..
  • DaveIron9in93 dni temu

  • DaveIron9in93 dni temu