Rejestracja: 2004-12-21
Dont do that
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Whoa Sunshine

I never expected the wonderfull gifts  from the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU.When I opened  them I cried and was in major shock.I wanted that card so bad I could taste it but didnt expect it lol:)Never even dreamed gifty would come up with her idea either lol.I didnt even think of ram You know me well mon capitaine smooches. whoa .You guys made my whole year by showing you cared.Know what guys I care very very much about each of you.I also love sunshine..THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME SMILE,,making me jump tho the roof on the gifts,making me thank the fates I found my home and great ppl to share it with.I will enjoy  your company tho the years guys.Gifty you my friend are the most amazing person and you made a special home for us smooches                                                  From a shellshocked Wolf