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Happy Birthday Gifty

Hope you had the day I wished for you hon.I sent you a cake but sorry Sunshine staff ate it ,sent you prezzies but michelle (borrowed it),sent you a card but my dog ate it,was giving you are party but ice spent the party money in vegas, buttttttttttt I managed to save the icecream and your other treats whew huh:).Happy birthday my friend love you lots  smoochessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

My Dad Gerald Gordon

Passed away on this day.I STILL remember you  pop.We miss you and we are always missing you .I will ensure your grandchildren will know you and remember you as we do.I love you  P Gordon , Gerald April 1, 2003 Five years ago today you went away. You're missed more and more every day. If I could, I would turn back time to have you by my side once more. - Love forever, Peggy and family.

Sunshines febuary payouts

Febuary prize payouts will be delayed until monday.We are very sorry for the delay .Gifty will also be updating  as soon as she is able to. smoochessss to all our players

Dear Santa

Im just sending you this note to update you on any reports you may have been sent(for they are all lies).Ive been good this year(despite what your been told) would I lie to YOU Santa? nooooooooo.I sweep giftys lobbys and cleaned up her spills ,delivered beer(and didnt have a sip of any)Ive brought gifty home from the bar safely,hosted when gifty was too lets just say under the weather,done all my chores gifty handed to me,.Now I ask you santa dont I deserve a good report and did I mention your looking rather fit this year.smoochessssssssssssss from the good Host

This is not good bye my friends

Friday I had to say farewell to my friend nicole then today Ive had to say farewell to my friend Danielle.It was and will forever be a sad moment in my life.I however have no doubt I will see them again one day.I will miss you two until then .May you two find the joy and be happy wherever your life now takes you.