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Dont do that
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Camping facts

When your trying to sleep people WILL come in and turn on the lights,the fish wont bite when there are alot of people swimming right next to you, you WILL miss your friends when at camp,its really peacefull with a campfire at 5am,when it comes to roasting marshmellows its best to get your share NOT wait until later,when its time to go you wont want to leave,its hard to sleep when you know theres a campfire/fishing/swimming to do,raccons will come meet you when alone at 5am,

Mysteries solved

The great flood(Oops*I*Lost) caused it by tripping over the wrong rock,being asked to leave eden (Ooops did it by picking the wrong apple), the food chain(oops did it by dropping the tiger cub in front of a lion)why do we walk upright(yup oops mistakenly tried something new),spilled drink?(oops knockedd it over),dropped food)oops stepped on it),lost a child? oops misplaced him somewhere,dog in the pound? oops forgot him at the park, washer lose a sock? yes ooops did that too.There you have it all the worlds greatest mysteries was caused by 1 person the clumsy ooops

Happy anniversary Gifty

Without you we would not be here.You made us a family and I am gratefull each and every day for your friendship, your love of everyone for your belieif in us all, we all love you my friend                                    

here's a little hug for you
to make you smile when you feel blue
to make you happy if you are sad
to let you aint so bad!

now ive given a hug to you
somehow,i feel better to!
hugs are better when you share
so pass one on and show you care
Love from your Sunshine family

Something to think about

You know one of my favorite stories is the one about King arthur and the quote the once and future king.Im sure you all know the story.It is said he will one day return.I wonder how many people would have missed him and rejoiced at his return.

Happy birthday Gifty

May your  day be filled with all your friends,may you be happy forever more,may all your wishes be granted,may you know all this world has to offer. VERY happy birthday my friend smoochesssssssssssssssssssss