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look what I got ( ! )
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  • zhuntar20 dni temu
    Wesson needs to breed a chopper horse. that would be sooooo cooool
  • zhuntar36 dni temu
    LOOK OUT FOR FRIEND4YOU.....looks like a real scammer to me!
    • SIFOUINE9828 dni temu
      This is the case, I am French and she claims to be French and writes in English crap, be said alone, widow without children and no heirs???? Guaranteed scam
  • zhuntar55 dni temu
    i'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy
  • zhuntar56 dni temu
    last night I saw upon the stair , a little man who wasn't there. he wasn't there again today. oh how I wish he'd go away.
  • sexxyladyy75 dni temu
    ,have a good day
  • sexxyladyy105 dni temu
    bienvenu dans mes amis ,au plaisir de jouer ensemble