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"Don't blame the mirror because you are ugly!" Putin.
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Maybe tomorrow I will want to settle down........ Until tomorrow I will just keep moving on. *** this is heartbreaking *** (MAKES ME CRY because of so much love for London- " The Littlest Hobo"

I have youtube on my smart TV which i live on. I have all the oldies in music, shows, Search for exactly what you need. Anyways, who remembers this show? "The Littlest Hobo" ? Most gorgeous DOG OF ALL TIME. It is so touching to watch. My heart breaks for him .. him meaning London (his real name) Little Trivia for you all, the Producer .. I believe the Excutive Producer and writer was London's OWNER. He was a stray dog , lived on streets for years before being noticed by Charles aka Charlie.. (owner ..producer)... Hobo was found on the streets of Romania. How interesting. So who watched this when you were young? And who loves this dog?? this show? I can say I do. God Bless your Heart London, you are continuing your work from up above. There is no other dog like " The Littlest HOBO"????❤️❤️????????????????????????????????

this is the soundtrack. it is also enough to make your eyes water! Hugs everyone and I wish you all the very best . Hugs to my special friends....

Russia! ='s Putin ='s P.O.S wannabe another Hitler. Just a washed up old man Kbg.

Here Russia this is what the majority of the World feels about you and partly your Country.
You, Putin, needs to be dealt with and without a doubt will be. Maybe Nato isn't going to put up with much more of these War Crimes you are denying doing. Cells and Media coverage do not lie showing all the devastation you are doing to Ukraine right when it is happening!!!.
It's all going to come at Putin all of a sudden. He's reading books about Hitler?? He's more than a Devil if that is even possible. You are a P.O.S and last but least, Thanks Poland for the 3 million your Country has taken in.
I am just waiting daily to see if Russia is finally taken out . It's coming, it is coming.... have faith, it's coming any day.