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the sex therapist joke

 a well known sex therapist was visited by a couple, the smiths, who were having problems with their sex life. upon being seated in his office the doctor told them " i stake my reputation on what i do. first, i will give both of you a physical examination, after which, if i think i can help you, i will tell you what to do. if it works, you pay me, if it doesn't work, you don't have to pay me."
 after the physical examination the doctor tells the couple, " i think i can help you. here is what i want you to do....on your way home, stop by a grocery store and buy a box of donuts and a bag of grapes. go home, get naked and sit on the floor across cross each other with your legs apart. i want the wife to toss the donuts, like a ring toss, onto the husbands penis...when one lands like a ring toss, i want her to move on all fours, like a lion towards the husband and slowly eat that donut. when she is done, i want the husband to roll grapes across the floor at her vagina...when one enters, he is to move across the floor like a lions and lick out that grape and eat it. you both repeat this until you become very aroused and then you will have the best sex."
 they bought the box of donuts and the bag of grapes and did as instructed. IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!! THE BEST SEX EVER.
 their neighbours, the jones, heard about this and since they were having issues in the sexual department as well, decided to go see the same sex therapist.
 the doctor told them the same thing, he would do a physical examination of both of them and after which if he thought he could help them he would tell them what to do. however, after the physical examination he told them " i don't think i can help you." they were upset, they begged him for advice. the doctor said "look, i state my reputation on this, i don't think i can help you."  but they kept begging and pleading him for help. after a while, the doctor relented. he said " okay..okay..i'll try and help is what i want you to do....on your way home, stop by a grocery store.....i want you to buy a box of CHERRIOS and a bag of ORANGES.....then i want you to......."

ok..need any further explanation with this one??