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one more simple angle for horse racing, when to bet beaten favorites.

a beaten favorite is a horse that had the most money bet on it and had the lowest odds in its last race and lost the race. the betting public , by making it the favorite, have ranked it is the best horse in the race, usually in a field of 8 to 9 horses. what has been observed in horse racing, is that losing favorites tend to 'bounce back' in their nest race and win more often than they should next time out. quite often, if they don't race very well when they are the favorite, the betting public tends not to bet as much on them next time out, and these horses 'bounce back' and win at very generous odds. so, when is it the best time to bet a losing favorite?? i am only going to give you the most basic and simple form of this method : the best time to bet on a losing favorite in its next race is WHEN IT IS THE FAVORITE AGAIN.  that is the nuts and bolts of it. there are a few other factors, like, make sure the last race it was in, where it lost as the favorite is NOT the fasted race it has ever had or the fastest time in its last 6 starts. for some reason, horses that ran their fastest time in their last race do not win as often as they should next time out. weird, but true. a beaten favorite that becomes the favorite again in its next race has a staggering win rate than can approach 66 percent. these horses are almost certain to run at least third, a SHOW BET more than 90 percent of the time. the time factor helps and the horse having one of the top 5 drivers/riders helps but basically....he was the favorite last week and lost, tonight he is the favorite that sucker!!! this is a brutally strong angle.