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I'm tired of winning all the time!
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Poker Texas Hold'em

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  • simplyme0626175 days ago
    TY for the Birthday wishes!! Charlie,, and I have never had Baklava so prob woulda been good
  • BlueDevil183 days ago
    hey chuckie never ever changes on the blog wall same old people writing books over and over, I gave up commenting or responding and I won't even give them look at them. It's amazing how jane comes right back with so much bull every time her name is not listed. I said my peace on the blog, now time to move on.
  • BlueDevil187 days ago
    Chuckie where you been at
  • BlueDevil209 days ago
    Chuckie I'm done with these rebuy tournaments, got bad beat so many times, cost me a 240k, and nothing to show for it. The real tournament begins after the break, but if your short stacked your screwed.
  • BlueDevil216 days ago
    sorry chuckie you got no luck in poker today
  • Suzy_Q69222 days ago
    Ty for the 5k bomb
  • BlueDevil224 days ago
    Yeah Chuckie we both made the final table!
  • simplyme0626227 days ago
    tyvm,, he's my precious grandson :
  • BlueDevil233 days ago
    Way to go chuckie duckie!!! I couldn't make the money, I tried.
  • BlueDevil251 days ago
    You sure about "Tax" chuckie? or you just saying that cause of tax season? is he a long shot?

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