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The more I learn about people the more I like my dachshunds
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Cone Ice-Cream51 days ago
Cone Ice-Cream
Yellow Chick 111 days ago
Yellow Chick
Easter Egg 2024112 days ago
Easter Egg 2024
You're unforgettable 147 days ago
You're unforgettable
Valentines 2024154 days ago
Valentines 2024
Heart balloon 154 days ago
Heart balloon
Ice coffee 167 days ago
Ice coffee
Happy 2024197 days ago
Happy 2024
Champagne glasses 199 days ago
Champagne glasses
Baloons 200 days ago
Champagne glasses200 days ago
Champagne glasses
From: Aninja
❤️Szczęśliwej Polski i szczęśliwej Crisstimm nie tyko w 2024!❤️
Champagne 201 days ago
Friends' hug 204 days ago
Friends' hug
Lucky christmas tree 208 days ago
Lucky christmas tree
Wesołych Świąt! 208 days ago
Wesołych Świąt!
Gingerbread Friend211 days ago
Gingerbread Friend
Decorated Gnome 224 days ago
Decorated Gnome
Santa magic box 225 days ago
Santa magic box
GD Santa 2023226 days ago
GD Santa 2023
Lolipop 245 days ago
Black Cat 261 days ago
Black Cat