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Such is life

She knows she’s not like the others, she can’t just move on from heartbreak.Her walls are higher than theirs because she’s different in how deeply and fiercely she loves.She’s not passive, soft or weak in the love she gives.You’ll never mistake her heart for a candle in the wind, she’s a roaring wildflower.Her love is something most men can’t handle - deep, soulful and passionate, she’s the person that pours her everything into her love..Which is why she suffers so much when her heart is broken,Why it utterly devastates her depths when love’s hope dwindles away.She’d rather tackle her life with reckless abandon and fierce passion than to just survive.If she gave all of herself into love and still she failed, she’d do it all over again-as often as she could.She wasn’t afraid of being hurt in search of love..she feared never giving love everything..To waste her life never having lived, loved and pursued the desires of her heart fearlessly.She knew there was no reward without risk, and to her, love would always be the greatest reward and feeling there ever was.She’d rather be burned alive by the fire of her passionate love than to wither away in the loveless void of never having loved at all.Truthfully, the others would say she was broken in the most desperate way possible, but that’s just because they didn’t understand her ..And they didn’t have to.She was quite content with who she was and her choices, for she lived without apologies or regrets.What they called broken, she knew was beautiful instead.All the little cracks of the pain she had faced had created the beauty of who she was..For that was how the light got in.Her old soul was deep and yearned for the fire of love that she longed to find..But she never sacrificed who she was to make anyone else happy..She knew, deep down in places that she didn’t speak of , that her impassioned love was a rare and beautiful thing..She’d always guard her heart fiercely behind the walls that protected her, but she wasn’t afraid to risk it all to chase the love she kens she deserved.Yes, she was broken, she was beautiful and most of all,She was free to choose her own path.She’d throw herself into the fires of love time and again to find her true love..Regardless of the outcome, which was often heartbreak.That’s just who she was, and she owned it-Every flaw, imperfection and failures.But that’s why she was what the others never would be:Broken, beautiful and strong..And always free to pursue the fire of her heart

Unlike any other

She was a woman like any other, yet completely unique in the most quietly gorgeous ways. Her strong spirit tucked away her mysteries behind green eyes, masking a soul brimming of wonder and beauty..complete with emotions that seemed never to waver. Known by many, understood by few and loved by all, she had a way about her that most just didn’t get and she was okay with that. She knew who she was and what she wanted. They heard her words of reassurance and believed her laugh because they never saw the anguish hidden in her soul. She was the one that could bury any pain behind a smile, any discomfort through any joke, dismiss her disappointment through a simple “it’s okay.”Truth was, it never was.. she never was. She braved the world with a dazzling smile not because she felt amazing, but because she was strong. No matter what she said or showed, she always cared about herself, her people and how others saw her because that’s just who she was and how she loved. She couldn’t just write people off or stop caring, regardless of how much they hurt her. She didn’t know how to love halfway or selfishly, and though she had a magnanimous and beautiful heart, it seemed to be constantly bleeding from the pain. Her way had always been to love passionately, live without regret and seek the answers to every question of her heart. She vowed long ago to live unapologetically , and regardless of the why, she always sought the truth. The only way she could keep the depths of her soul intact and beautiful was to tuck it away, hidden beneath the guise of a facade that always seemed to be placidly content, at best. She kept her walls high- not to keep others out, but to see who cared enough to tear them down..Yet, the one person she longed for was the one who would see her for who she truly was and would accept her for every glorious imperfection and wonderful flaw.That was her gift and curse, knowing without saying, loving without caution and caring when she shouldn’t. She paid the price many times over for what many would say is folly, but she knew better- she wouldn’t change who she was, regardless of how it hurt sometimes. She would never accept halfway love and lackluster passion, she needed more than that. She would follow her heart and often leave her head behind..Her heart would be shattered into countless pieces.. And yet, somehow, she still believed in love. In her world, the only path to catching her dreams and finding true love was to follow her heart. That’s just who she was, and how she lived her life. No apologies and no regrets. She just knew that one day, she would stop wishing on shooting stars and instead,Become one herself. In a night full of lights, she was always meant to be shining beautifully,And she knew that she would never look back and lament her broken roads. The brightest diamonds are forged under the toughest pressure and she was meant to be the most brilliant light-In how she shined, how she sparkled..And most of all, How she loved.


When she says she loves you, it’s not because she needs you. It’s just the opposite. It’s because she wants and chooses you, every day, in every way. She’s a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone, to be honest. So, if she opens her heart and soul to you, don’t hesitate or take the opportunity for granted.. You may only get the briefest of chances to win her over- heart, mind and soul. But be careful with the chance to love her as you’ve been given.. Understand that she’s been hurt, bruised and scarred, and that’s part of her beauty. She’s guarded because her heart has been broken, and she loves fiercely. She won’t accept anything less than your best and she’ll never settle. She doesn’t protect herself out of callous insensitivity, but rather out of self preservation. She’s been down this road before and she wants to be loved and give love freely.. not to repeat the pain of past broken hearts. Her love is earned carefully and cautiously- and because she is worth the price. Any price. She knows her value and won’t sacrifice her standards or sell herself short, Loyal, passionate and true, she doesn’t want just anyone.. she wants the one. Forget the one night guys, she wants a gentleman who desires all of her nights. She’s not a one in a million girl. She’s a once in a lifetime woman. Stick around and you’ll see exactly why She’s worth it all. Put aside your pride, explore her most vulnerable depths and engage her soul.. Utterly, honestly and completely. She’s giving you a chance to uncover the truth of all that she is, because she chooses you. Love her tenderly, respectfully and most of all, devotedly. She’ll show you why happily ever after isn’t just a phrase. It’s her truth. She is and always will be playing for keeps.

I am who I am

I realize that I can be an absolute handful at times, it’s just part of who I am.I wish I could tell you I was a simple person, but I’m anything but that. I’m a complex personality with a unique blend of qualities that may make your head spin sometimes.At first glance, people think I’m a strong person, but those who really understand and love me know I’m a deep feeling soul with a loving heart..and I’m weak when it comes to the people I care about.I know I’m not easy to understand and I appreciate my people that get that I’m worth the effort.I used to think I was an introvert, but as I learned to talk to people, I realized I’m a little bit of both..it all depends on my mood and who I’m with.There’s days when I feel like pulling my hair out and crying minutes before something hilarious makes me double over with side splitting laughter.That’s the beautiful disaster that is me- you never know which version you’ll get, and you may get both at the same time, so buckle up, buttercup..I’m always a heck of a ride.Some may say I’m challenging, but I just call it interesting.Anyone can be ordinary, average and routine, so I choose to keep things a bit on the spicy side..though I don’t do it that way on purpose.You’ll never really know what’s going through my mind, I’ve learned to disguise my emotions masterfully-I’ll often tell you that I don’t care when the truth is I care too much.I have the simple needs most people have- to love and be loved, to be understood and appreciated..I just happen to pursue those desires in extraordinary ways..With sass, pizzazz and a lot of sarcasm sometimes, too.I call that my bold, fun flavor- tasty to those that love me and revolting to the rest..But I realized a long time ago I would never be able to please everyone.So I stopped trying.Better to make myself happy, fill my soul with joy and love my life and my people with all my heart.If I can’t put my whole heart and soul into something or someone, I’ll do what’s best for me and step away.I know I’m awesome in all my flaws and I embrace each of my dents, imperfections and scars fully-They’ve made me who I am and I’ll never regret anything I’ve done or anywhere I’ve been.I’m a big bundle of emotions, happiness and personality and you’ll never forget me once we’ve met.Maybe you’ll love me, maybe not..But I’ll keep on dancing to my own beat, living in my own light and loving myself the best way I know how.I like who I am and I guess it’s up to you to decide if you do, too..I’ll keep on doing what I do best, regardless.Shining brightly

Well ....

When we met, you knew what kind of person I was..I was clear about my intentions.I don’t play games nor tolerate players..I leave that amusement for those chasing shallow feelings and lackluster dreams.No, I told you that I needed more, I craved the truth and I deserved the best.If you’re not willing to step up and have a mature relationship, then now is the time to set the record straight.I’m not settling for being an option, and I’m never going to be your “maybe.”If you don’t know what you want or if you have to stop and think, then I’m not the one for you.I play for keeps and I wear my heart on my sleeve- anything less than soul stirring, heart sparking passion doesn’t interest me..I’ve kissed enough frogs to know that I’m holding out for the one who can make me feel like nothing I’ve ever known.Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I want the kisses that bring forth butterflies, the touch that gives me chills, the look that singes my soul.I don’t know if you’re up to the task and can handle my heat, but if you’re not willing to face the fire of my passion, then let’s just part ways now.I’m never going to chase you, beg for your attention or be anything less than a priority.I realize that you may think I’m a handful, too much or demanding, but I know my worth..that’s never changing.I’m showing you who I am and you’ll always know where you stand with me..So, I’m fiery, I’m strong willed and I’m one of a kind, and if you didn’t know that by now, start paying attention.I’m not waiting around for you to figure it out, think about things or play the field, love isn’t a competition and I’m not a prize for your possession.I’m real, I’m authentic and you’ll never meet another person like me.Maybe you’re not ready, maybe you’re working things out or just don’t know what you want..and I’m good with that, everyone has their own path..Just don’t expect me to be waiting for you at the end of the road, hoping you’ll let me love you.I know I built high walls around my heart and I don’t just let anyone in..But this is who I am and how I feel, take it or leave it.Are you stepping up to try to win my heart or walking away?I don’t need to be fixed or saved, I just want to be loved..just as I am.l