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Such is life

She knows she’s not like the others, she can’t just move on from heartbreak.Her walls are higher than theirs because she’s different in how deeply and fiercely she loves.She’s not passive, soft or weak in the love she gives.You’ll never mistake her heart for a candle in the wind, she’s a roaring wildflower.Her love is something most men can’t handle - deep, soulful and passionate, she’s the person that pours her everything into her love..Which is why she suffers so much when her heart is broken,Why it utterly devastates her depths when love’s hope dwindles away.She’d rather tackle her life with reckless abandon and fierce passion than to just survive.If she gave all of herself into love and still she failed, she’d do it all over again-as often as she could.She wasn’t afraid of being hurt in search of love..she feared never giving love everything..To waste her life never having lived, loved and pursued the desires of her heart fearlessly.She knew there was no reward without risk, and to her, love would always be the greatest reward and feeling there ever was.She’d rather be burned alive by the fire of her passionate love than to wither away in the loveless void of never having loved at all.Truthfully, the others would say she was broken in the most desperate way possible, but that’s just because they didn’t understand her ..And they didn’t have to.She was quite content with who she was and her choices, for she lived without apologies or regrets.What they called broken, she knew was beautiful instead.All the little cracks of the pain she had faced had created the beauty of who she was..For that was how the light got in.Her old soul was deep and yearned for the fire of love that she longed to find..But she never sacrificed who she was to make anyone else happy..She knew, deep down in places that she didn’t speak of , that her impassioned love was a rare and beautiful thing..She’d always guard her heart fiercely behind the walls that protected her, but she wasn’t afraid to risk it all to chase the love she kens she deserved.Yes, she was broken, she was beautiful and most of all,She was free to choose her own path.She’d throw herself into the fires of love time and again to find her true love..Regardless of the outcome, which was often heartbreak.That’s just who she was, and she owned it-Every flaw, imperfection and failures.But that’s why she was what the others never would be:Broken, beautiful and strong..And always free to pursue the fire of her heart