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Soap Box Time 2017-05-18

Grabs my soap box from under the bed and steps up on it, taps the microphone and here we go................

I've sat at this computer for the past 5 months and listened to those of you piss and moan about the results of the Presidential election here in the United States.  I've seen people from the United States and from other Countries pissing and moaning about the newly elected President.  Well folks you didn't see me out there spilling out my guts when Obama was elected.  I didn't particularly care for him as a President, but I accepted the vote and went on with my life. 

Those of you who said you were going to move to Canada if Trump was elected....what the hell are you still doing in the United States?  If things are so bad, move your ass off to Canada or some place other than the US.  Bet you though you ain't moving because you have it too good here in the USA.  Life is too good, in fact it is much better here than where you said you would go. 

Stop acting like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum.  I really expected better out of some of you.  Seems I was wrong though. So STOP your MOANING, grow some BALLS, pull up your BIG GIRL panties and deal with the situation as it is.  In 4 years you can try it again, but for now you have Trump, so deal with it and STFU!!!!! 

Be thankful for the things you have.


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  • You go, girl. Telling it like it is. Both wonderful and refreshing. I am thankful for the things I have, like your friendship, for instance. Would never want to be on your bad side, dear lady. A scary
  • Xxx_Emerald_xxX66 days ago
    She is soooooooooooo scary... Js
  • GritsnGrace10165 days ago
    Yes be afraid, be very afraid
  • lucy4luck63 days ago
    Wtg and cheers to you Sylvia I hated Obama, but didn't throw childish and mean spirited tantrums like these folks do. The violence they are promoting and taking part in is horrible. The majority have spoken and they need to take their loss gracefully. As you said, they have 4 years to get over it.....Then, maybe we'll just do it again! So glad you're my friend. Those who wanted to leave the country....please hurry, I'm tired of holding the door for you all..
  • GritsnGrace10162 days ago
    Thank you for commenting CJ and I am glad we are friends too. Just let the door go lol, they aren't going anywhere, they have it too good here. Unfortunately though that doesn't keep them from acting like children with their childish rants and posting of pictures. I really expected better out of some of them.