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Here Kitty Kitty

Well, here’s a story...actually my TRUEST BLONDE MOMENT from last week ya'll.....We had been at the lake and was on our way home, and saw a kitten
I said to Emma look its a kitten she was like oh can we get it?I said were gonna try sit tight stay in the car. Josh my best friend was behind us with the boat and so he pulls over,what the heck you doing Hope,,, I said just look and finally he sees it and just laughs .,,,
This poor, terrified light brown kitten.
It was darting all over the road, this way and that way, and not a single car was stopping for it. They weren’t even slowing down, just zooming on right ahead like they didn’t care in the least—bunch of jerks. I just knew it was going to get run over, and I was heartbroken over it. In fact...I thought I saw It get run over multiple times, and yet it kept on re-emerging and going on like nothing had happened. This cat was a miracle and I had to help it, even if I was the only one.
Seriously...what is wrong with people? I even said to Emma when we catch this kitten were naming it Lucky boy or girl its names Lucky, she just giggled ahhh Momma Hope you cant name a girl cat...Lucky...she's still gigglin...Josh still standin over by the side of his truck with a weird Sh*t eatin grin grin on his face,,,
I’m waving cars past, standing out there and I realized OMG I'm in my swimsuit and cover up waving traffic yelling...,,, yelling “hey kitty. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m just here to help. Come to momma, kitty. It’s gonna be fine.”I didnt know whether to tuck tail back to my Jeep or stand there and keep praying for this lil booger not to get hit before my eyes..., wondering what I’m going to do with it as Im doin this..., how I’m going to have another cat around the house this would be Number 3... and generally baffled as to how it was still going. Maybe we’d name it Energizer. Who knows? yea better than lucky ya think??Hey emm how bout Energizer for a name Josh yells out how bout Brownie, I just looked at him WTH Brownie Nooooooooooo thats dogs name....
And y’all, it was so fast. I’m talking in half a second, it would be all the way on the other side of the road, and it’s been a while since I ran track...or even ran at all. It’s almost like it was floating on air. I’ve never seen another cat like it.
Anyway, that’s probably because it wasn’t a cat at all and I’m a blind idiot and Josh well he was just standing there laughing Ya'll . It was a brown paper bag YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it was....OMG .and now I understand all the weird stares, and anyway...I may need a new hometown because I can not possibly show my face in this one anymore. If you love your town, let me know so I have lots of places to consider.
Here I am. The girl who risked it all to rescue a brown paper bag.OMG for crying out loud ...My face is still red as my hair here Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:)and dammit he is still laughing .... Emma just ask where is the cat when I got back in the car I just said lol don't ask,,,, her reply was Mom u need new glasses ! :).End of Story....:)