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Only Three Valentines Tournaments 2017-02-15

GD had only three Valentines tournaments this year and these tournaments are sparsely attended.

It appears that GD is slowly failing.

I am pleased that GD is developing a new interface.

Unfortunately, the new interface takes too long to load. The script loads to 80% then sits for several minutes with the message "Loading Stats."

My guess is that these are the stats that GD uses to deal hands.

But, wait a second! GD does not need stats to deal hands. A decent random number generator can deal hands in fractions of milliseconds.

Anyway, it is not just the lag while GD loads stats that makes me unhappy. It is the thought that GD is loading stats to deal contrived hands that drives me to distraction. If I were a programmer at GD; I would say, lets kill the bot that deals contrived hands. Lets just use cards dealt randomly. This would reduce load time and make the game more interesting.
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