Relationship status: it's complicated
I want to play with: women, men
Looking for: friendship, entertainment
Joined: 2019-02-20
Here to play, meet, talk, laugh and interact. I am also scribbling my thoughts and the like in the BLOG section.
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Something about me

About me
I am in my 20th
Tall and beautiful :) , kind of joke, but categoricly true
I am a lazy B I T C H that do not work (Also a joke)
I like sport and poetry
I like people if they are nice (It is I that judge)
And much more, I am not going to detail here right now
Poetry, drawing, decorating
Cross country ski and swimming
People and everything about them
Favorite movies
Favorite music
Favorite books
W.B.Yeats and everything almost of Dylan Thomas
Things I like
I will keep this open for a while
You can try and guess
Things I don't like
Rudeness, is absolutely my BIGGEST despise

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  • player221 day ago
    hi nice Weekend
  • Linnea1 day ago
    The horizon ahead and the horizon inside
    Feeling satisfied
    Only after you connect.

    Unilateralism is the feature of infertility,
    Which brings despair,
    Only this the possibility.

    When both horizons together,
    God spoke joy
    Do not fear my friends
  • Blonde323 days ago
    How are you? I am thinking of you
  • Blonde325 days ago
    Hi Gorgeous
  • Linnea6 days ago
    She looks at me, her eyes shine
    her mouth open just
    The tongue emerge and trace of smile on the corners.
    I love the way she pins and stare at me.

    I stroke her hair
    My fingers slide and feel her warmth
    I feel she likes it when she streach
    Her legs straight forward

    She is rolling on her back
    Obviously enjoying
    I stroke her belly, her eyes half shut
    We both like it very much

    She is my love
    I hope she loves me as much
    She roll again and ley her head near mine
    We lay head to head and thinking of our luck

    She smile more and close her eyes
    I am so lucky
    I have you as my friend
    My sweet and beautiful Tikka
  • kensscreen7 days ago
  • Blonde328 days ago
    I hope you make a speedy recovery my love
  • Linnea8 days ago
    This is a warning and a promise
    The day I can use my left hand again
    You all better look for cover
    For good or bad
    Rich or poor
    You will hear from me with all my might and flight
    It might take a day
    Might be a week
    If I do not die before
    I will fly the sword of truth and desire
    Be alert my love
  • kensscreen8 days ago
  • Linnea8 days ago
    I am still a live

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