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?? What the heck is going on in the United States ? Yes, I am speaking directly about Minnasota.

💋 Hi to all players who might read this. I do not blog on or off here (meaning anywhere) . I feel the need to do this blog due to what is happening in the United States. Back to Minnesota. Please know that my heart / our hearts weigh very heavy. This troubles me for months. It affects all of US i am sure.

I want to say sorry to all Americans for what is going down in your Country!!! Here we go again, little over a year that has passed, (since G.Floyd's death) and the POLICE OFFICER KILLINGS has hit you all hard for a second time.!!!!!

WTF is going on in the United States Police Departments??? It sure isn't the BLACK, PINK, YELLOW, BROWN loving, caring, NORMAL, everyday people that are being killed for doing wrong is it?. Ooh Wait... there is no damn reason to take the life of another period. I wanted to do this post because I am a Mommy of four mixed children aged 13.6 years 10 years. 7years and then my little one 3+ years. I showed you all of them together above, since most photos are either two or one or three being in it. This photo i nailed it :) with all four of them.!!! lol it was Christmas morning is why i round them all up and was able to get one done. ( it is really a chore getting them all together for a photo, they aren't interested.) haha One is on the iPad or DS. celll, laptops, computers + (desktops)... its all about tic-talk?? Fort - Knight.. Peppa Pig, ugh lol.... so on. Immaterial to why I chose to do this Blog.

I fear for my Children (basically i fear for all of color aside, from being white it appears to prove accuracy). What is the future for them going to be like if Police stop acting as if they are ABOVE the LAW? Being scared of Cops? I do not allow my 13..almost 14 year old to watch BAD news about both incidents that has happened. Why possibly give children of color a complex? or even worse bother them into a medical diagnosis? (SCHIZOPHRENIA)? ... this is warranted in the young mixed and non mixed Children. I will sit them down and explain too them in a way that will hopefully not fear them for their future. Teach them how to deal in situations and i am speaking about all situations that could arise. But this isn't guaranteed either. We can only do our very best for hopefully every one.

As i did say I do not blog. I read them all and comment on what i feel a need to. So i will finish mine off with this. I am so sorry to the State of Minnesota, my heart bleeds for you all as well as these poor Families that have to live it for the Rest of their Lives.

Retrain ,. FIRE, put more Supervisors, Lieutenants and etc out on the streets , the ones that CARE about those in their State and everywhere else. Your not ABOVE THE LAW, never will be so best to retrain then yourselves since i believe that the System is not going to take such procedures to make things right. This is sickening what has happened. So i end it with this since yes i am getting angry thinking about the unnecessary KILLINGS that has happened in just over a year. Most of all who can get over this last KILLING? 26 years she HAD on the force and does this?? SHE IS FULL OF SHIT when she states she pulled out the wrong device. You can see she is right handed (she fired with the right) The gun (which shows) is on her right side hip. The stun gun is on the left . If you did not notice this i recommend that you take the time out to pull it up on YouTube and watch it closely) .. 26 years and you pull out a GUN in error to a TASER GUN?? It is not possible. So I end now with this, HAVE A NICE LIFE IN JAIL FOR YOUR REMAINING DAYS OF YOUR LIFE, AS FOR FLOYD'S CASE... IT IS A SHAME THAT YOUR STATE DOES NOT OFFER THE DEATH PENALTY. Derek whom is pleading the 5th TODAY and will not take the stand knows for fact his killing of G.Floyd was in my opinion not planned perhaps but for he knowledge what was happening. " I CAN'T BREATHE" ... funny thing is... and sadly both victims just about worded out LOUDLY the exact same thing. HELLO?? OFFICERS.

I am Canada, I am no way comparing since this happens no doubt globally. We really do not have any of this in Canada, we truly don't! Maybe this is why it is so darn troubling to many and myself. You just do not hear anything about these actions with the Police.. What is the difference in the Training of your Officers and other Officers? or is it solely their personalities?( their hearts are in the right place along with their training) Or i don't really care anymore because i have 26 years in Law and i am finished SOON (retired)... so they don't give two Shits? Who knows.. all i know is i want to say I am so sorry to the People of Minnesota and to the rest of the United States. My heart is huge and I pray and care about every single one of you.

Lets protect our CHILDREN and any other that has Color. It is NOT SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE THIS PERIOD. WE ALL BLEED RED..... Something has to give in the U.S of America... I am so not even going to bring up another HATE ISSUE with the Capital. I will say this though about it... THERE WERE OFF DUTY POLICE OFFICERS, RETIRED AND DAY OFF that cited this awful scene. Ever think just how many the United States could of lost on that day? (aside from those that were killed prior from being shot) Let us ALL come together and do the POLICES JOB in the Service and Protection department because the Badges on these Police Officers just do not get it.! I wish you all the very best and have a nice relaxing day. Stay safe ........... when i say this it is not just a Coronavirus case... add KILLING POLICE OFFICERS to the list too.

Stay Proud, Stay cool.

Redshuriken. (my sons account not mine, i play on his. I do not have one nor do I need one since i play on his. Plus it's I who is making all the winnings lol. OK most the time.)

P.s. if any errors, typos please excuse them since I did not proof read . I forgot to do this lol. Bye for now. Also... PLAN FOR short and HOPE for LONG.