Relationship status: it's complicated
Looking for: entertainment
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Birthday: 1986-01-21
joined: 2022-01-16
jutro już było,ojjjjj:)
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Points needed: 184
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9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool
14 hours ago
Coffee 79 days ago
Roses 80 days ago
I want to kiss you 82 days ago
I want to kiss you
Lovely Donut 83 days ago
Lovely Donut
I want to kiss you 84 days ago
I want to kiss you
Bronze "Pro" Anniversary85 days ago
Bronze "Pro" Anniversary
Bottle of Wine 86 days ago
Bottle of Wine
You're unforgettable 87 days ago
You're unforgettable
Bouquet of carnations 87 days ago
Bouquet of carnations
Berry ice cream 88 days ago
Berry ice cream
Bouquet of yellow tulips 89 days ago
Bouquet of yellow tulips
Bottle of Wine 91 days ago
Bottle of Wine
Lovely Cupcake 91 days ago
Lovely Cupcake
Love Candle 92 days ago
Love Candle
Engagement Ring 93 days ago
Engagement Ring
Rose 93 days ago
Friends' hug 93 days ago
Friends' hug
Smooch 97 days ago
Heart - shaped earrings 98 days ago
Heart - shaped earrings
Pear 98 days ago
Play, sing, dance! 99 days ago
Play, sing, dance!