Relationship status: it's complicated
Looking for: entertainment
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Birthday: 1986-01-21
joined: 2022-01-16
jutro już było,ojjjjj:)
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Points needed: 184
Last game
Love Candle 120 days ago
Love Candle
Cold beer 122 days ago
Cold beer
Red Lipstick 124 days ago
Red Lipstick
Bouquet for a Lady 124 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady
Romantic Dessert 125 days ago
Romantic Dessert
Smooch 127 days ago
I want to kiss you 128 days ago
I want to kiss you
Roses 128 days ago
Teddy Bear 130 days ago
Teddy Bear
Red beads, red as wine 131 days ago
Red beads, red as wine
Cobalt heart 131 days ago
Cobalt heart
Lovely Donut 131 days ago
Lovely Donut
Bouquet for a Lady 133 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady
Friends' hug 134 days ago
Friends' hug
Bunch of flowers134 days ago
Bunch of flowers
Smooch 134 days ago
Love Letter 2023 135 days ago
Love Letter 2023
Champagne 137 days ago
Bouquet of carnations 138 days ago
Bouquet of carnations
Heart balloon 140 days ago
Heart balloon
High heels 141 days ago
High heels