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Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey Sweet as Strawberry Wine
Friends' hugAmount: 4
Friends' hug
You're my butterflyAmount: 3
You're my butterfly
Frankie PumpkinAmount: 2
Frankie Pumpkin
CoffeeAmount: 2
Movie clapperAmount: 2
Movie clapper
Rocky ChickenAmount: 2
Rocky Chicken
Unique roseAmount: 2
Unique rose
You're unforgettableAmount: 2
You're unforgettable
17 birthday giftAmount: 2
17 birthday gift
I want to kiss youAmount: 2
I want to kiss you
Play, sing, dance!Amount: 2
Play, sing, dance!
Merry Christmas!Amount: 2
Merry Christmas!
Lovely OttersAmount: 2
Lovely Otters
Fun on the beachAmount: 1
Fun on the beach
Bunny GuardAmount: 1
Bunny Guard
Piggy Bank ClanAmount: 1
Piggy Bank Clan
Ronald AmundsenAmount: 1
Ronald Amundsen
Santa Claus & ReindeerAmount: 1
Santa Claus & Reindeer
Philosophers ClanAmount: 1
Philosophers Clan
Master's Deal Out FranceAmount: 1
Master's Deal Out France
Sinister Snow MaidenAmount: 1
Sinister Snow Maiden

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