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Looking for: friendship, relationship
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I live in constant fear for my life everyday and yet I am the sweetest girl I know.....I live a lonely life without love...why!!
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About me
I take no crap from anyone!!!!! If you cannot be real and show me respect you can keep on moving as there are plenty of hoes on here that can help you out, If you wish to be my friend great I will be the best friend you ever had in this world. If I like you, you will surely know it, I am only human and not dead. But for me to lower my guard you have to be a very, very special person. So No Crap Please!!! Thanks
My children, my cats and my friends!! Love playing games with my friends and winning!!
Favorite movies
Ghost and Dirty Dancing
Favorite music
Good ole Rock and Roll, Country, Jazz, songs from movies and some my fav group is call: IL Divo, they are 4 men who live in 4 different countries. They are so amazing, incredible, good looking and omg just love them. I got to go to see them perform last fall and omg I cried and sang through the entire concert. I thought omg I am only one crying, but when the lights came on it seemed everyone was crying as they really touch your heart..My song from them is called Mama and it is my son and I and how he grew up to move on and make me so proud....We danced to it at his wedding last June!!
Favorite books
I am into all of the James Patterson books and the J.D. Robb books.
Things I like
Shopping, and just the girly things!! I love to talk and chat with people, very social girl and my fav is writing!!
Things I don't like
I do not like people who are fake so if you are in anyway fake keep on moving right on by as I am looking for truth and honesty!! So If you want to be my friend you know the rules here:: REAL NEVER FAKE...I HATE THE GIRLS ON HERE WHO ARE DISGUSTINGLY NOT DRESSED YUKE......IF YOU LIKE THOSE KINDS OF ****S GO FOR EM...DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD IF U AS A GUY JUST LOOKING FOR A HOE!!!!!!! KEEP ON MOVING YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE GIRLS......!!