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Looking for: friendship, relationship
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I live in constant fear for my life everyday and yet I am the sweetest girl I know.....I live a lonely life without love...why!!
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Time to move on..........!!

I joined this game site in January and was really excited to start something new, as my previous game site was changing drastically and I no longer had fun on there anymore. I miss it everyday.
I find this site has so many game limitations, not enough games to play.. I play these games and actually learned how to play pool, thanks to my son teaching me. I am not really good at it but keep trying, as I am a perfectionist. I have found most gamers on here are trashy and ignorant. I love putting my pics on here as the old game site had avatars.. I am a woman with style and class and without tooting my horn I am really smart. I have met a few nice people but the bottom line on this site is put out or you are unfriended. When I join and I won't mention any names I met a guy whom I thought we had a strong connection, but then I since found out he was using me and went back to another girl. Also met other players some nice, most not nice at all. Everyone on here has an agenda.
I have just become a grandmother to a wonderful, adorable grandson. I cannot get close to him because of the Cover-19. I never in my wildest dreams would have ever thought that when I have my first grandchild that I would not be able to hold him in my arms. I have visited one time was looking into the front door, the other time was so much nicer as was a beautiful day and I got to see his little fingers and toes. I cannot wait to hold him. My son sends me pics and videos everyday which I cherish.  
I am a sweet woman with a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend. Instead I get ignored, I get no showed and so on.
So with all this being said I will use all my chips and probably move on.
Okay I just unloaded what was on my mind!!!!!n42.gif?v=122