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I live in constant fear for my life everyday and yet I am the sweetest girl I know.....I live a lonely life without love...why!!
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Lonely kitten 9 hours ago
Lonely kitten
Butterfly10 hours ago
Play, sing, dance! 2 days ago
Play, sing, dance!
Peacock feather3 days ago
Peacock feather
From: goodguy
you desire the world wish I could give it to you my love you are one of a kind and always will have my heart goodguy
Tropical drink4 days ago
Tropical drink
From: goodguy
we both need a drink I know I do cause I am not with you and I want to be so bad love you more each day always goodguy
I want to kiss you 5 days ago
I want to kiss you
Bouquet of yellow tulips 5 days ago
Bouquet of yellow tulips
Heart balloon 7 days ago
Heart balloon
Sun 8 days ago
I want to kiss you9 days ago
I want to kiss you
From: goodguy
for you alone and always love you more
Huggy Bear10 days ago
Huggy Bear
I need your hugs and all of you honey love you so much always and forever more
Bouquet of carnations 11 days ago
Bouquet of carnations
Space Rocket11 days ago
Space Rocket
From: SugarNSweet05
Well if you want something you buy it yourself...!!
Butterfly 12 days ago
Play, sing, dance!15 days ago
Play, sing, dance!
Music is a wonderful thing! Thank you for always sharing with us. You are a sweetheart I can tell, keep singing hon
Sun18 days ago
you were a bright spot in my evenings, but you chose to remove me awhile back. Stay safe and be careful.
Butterfly18 days ago
From: SugarNSweet05
Love this as butterflies are free.....!!
Witch 27 days ago
High Heels 43 days ago
High Heels
Bouquet for a Lady 48 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady
Easter basket 49 days ago
Easter basket

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