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Chat Banned until the 26th! Wont let me talk in pool lobby or even pms to friends smh!
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For all the Rumors about me 2017-08-12

For all the rumors about me: I am not Heather and I am not Angela. I do not even know who they are. My name is Crystal and will always be Crystal. My name before this one was Crystal_Lite.  I do not have to prove myself to anyone.  I just started playing on this site in January. I knew nothing about it. I never played on yahoo either. I would appreciate it if the rumors stop they are getting old and I am tired of them!!!!! I just come on this site to have fun and relax. n0.113.gifn36.113.gif
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  • Nathan92369 days ago
    Well may you be Sweet_NSassy. Your comments above also reveal you to be very Classy. Enjoy your time spent here and win big.
  • Sweet_NSassy9 days ago
    Thank you so much Nathan! It means alot! I have been having a very rough time these last few weeks. Hope your doing good!
  • EgoPatrol8 days ago
    "Truth is truth. To the end of reckoning". William Shakespeare,
  • brad21118 days ago
    Don't let rumors or what ppl think bother you , some are here just to do just that spread rumors .
  • Sweet_NSassy8 days ago
    Thank you Brad! I always let things get to me. I know I shouldnt.