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I want to play with: women
Looking for: friendship, dating, relationship, entertainment
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Birthday: 1999-02-05
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About me
My name is Vladimir / Vovanych (Vo1ych). I have cerebral palsy (Childhood Cerebral Palsy), I can't walk, and my hands still don't work because I wasn't held in my arms by a nurse when I was born. But, this disease does not prevent me from enjoying life at all, getting acquainted, walking around the village, being an optimist and realizing my dreams and gradually becoming a MUSICIAN.
I finished 11th grade with a gold medal, I did not go to study further, because I need to go to the sessions, and stay there, and I myself can not, because I need the help of others.
Before I started writing music, I was engaged in drawing (I drew taking a pencil or a brush in my teeth), I painted portraits, landscapes, paintings, etc. Later, I started listening to rap and I liked and was touched by this case. I began to think, "Why don't I write something too?"

And so I started trying to compose it. And I liked it) I wrote more than one notebook with texts (I wrote the same way - holding a pen in my teeth): I wrote about everyday life, my village, life, etc. Well, in 2014 he started writing music.
Creation of author's music, writing poems and rap, Blogging, YouTube vlog
Favorite movies
Author's movies, Ukrainian clip
Favorite music
Author's music, Rap/Hip-Hop, Ukrainian Music
Favorite books
I don't read books, History
Things I like
Chess, Online Billiards
Things I don't like
I don't like people with gambling and addiction to online games.