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Couple married for 68 years dies hours apart


Funniest Flight Attendant Ever


Next Generation Elevator?


800 drones fly in shape of giant airplane


Cobras Protecting Sleeping Baby

This is an older video ...Weird and Dangerous...

Epic Father of the Bride Speech - Hilarious

This is amazing lol

“Kings of Pain”


African Woman Terrified to See Drone for the First Time


Adorable Dog Has No Nose :(

A dog whose nose was blown off in a a horrendous cruel attack where he had firecrackers strapped to his jaw has made an incredible recovery - after vets rebuilt his jaw.
Braveheart, a one-year-old dog has had a new jaw made for him after being found in Sonora, Mexico, by an animal rescue team that contacted a U.S charity to adopt him after his surgery.
The ‘Saving Huey Foundation’, which is run by Tracy Lystra, 44, agreed to pay for his recovery and have him sent to the US to live out a happy life at their sanctuary after the damage done was so severe he has had a prosthetic jaw attached to his head.
After being discovered with his jaw blown to pieces, the adorable dog is now melting the hearts of everyone that sees him.

Indonesian baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day


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