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Points needed: 1,974
Happy Women's DayAmount: 2
Happy Women's Day
Cat lovers ClanAmount: 1
Cat lovers Clan
Hamster Lovers ClanAmount: 1
Hamster Lovers Clan
Lucky horseshoeAmount: 1
Lucky horseshoe
GD HeartAmount: 1
GD Heart
CracovAmount: 1
Pretty- pretty GhostAmount: 1
Pretty- pretty Ghost
Fancy BouquetAmount: 1
Fancy Bouquet
Easter chickenAmount: 1
Easter chicken
Survivor's MaskAmount: 1
Survivor's Mask
Sumo WarriorAmount: 1
Sumo Warrior
Happy New Year Amount: 1
Happy New Year
Curitiba MasksAmount: 1
Curitiba Masks
Master's Deal Out GermanyAmount: 1
Master's Deal Out Germany
100 Years Of FreedomAmount: 1
100 Years Of Freedom
Bouquet of flowersAmount: 1
Bouquet of flowers
JokerAmount: 1
101 Years Of FreedomAmount: 1
101 Years Of Freedom
Jazz FansAmount: 1
Jazz Fans
New Year's SurpriseAmount: 1
New Year's Surprise
Girl PowerAmount: 1
Girl Power

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