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Congratulations to the Toothless

Congratulations to NATO for belatedly doing the right thing in sending heavy weaponry to Ukraine. One only wonders how many lives might have been saved if they hadn't stood by watching for more than two months.

Putin and his Preferences

Recently, I've been re-reading all of Dostoyevsky. Last week, I saw an article about Putin, which listed D as one of his favorite authors. This struck me as exceedingly odd, given that in the last two books I've read, a main character, described as an intellectual, did "the only logical thing he could do."

That logic was as follows: Since the Russian is such an inferior class of human being, and since no solution could be seen to raise him to the standards of the rest of the world, the only logical choice is suicide.

If only.....

Pretty, irksome things -- a/k/a awards season

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for large numbers of largely vapid people engaging in mass self-congratulation. "You were so wonderful! Who are you wearing?" -- as if an actual designer was hung somewhere about the interviewee, peering around to get a glimpse of the admiring glances. Mind, they're asking these mindless people about clothes the average person could never afford, and which they haven't had to actually purchase. Meanwhile, they're draped in enough bling to send your entire neighborhood's children to college for four years -- which, unlike the clothing, usually has to be returned. Of course, you're being asked to watch this orgy of self-aggrandizement as you hunt through the couch for enough loose change to fill your gas tank again. The only time any of them come up for air is at the actual podium -- when they want to tell you how woke they are and how you should vote -- because, obviously, they have everything in common with the common folk.
I think I'll just say no, and prop up my $10K slippers on the barcalounger and try to decide between the Rolls and the Bentley for my next vacay.....
Let's go, Brandon.

Dallas, CIncy and other the Empire State Building

I'm sure there were others, but I was never so proud of my hometown -- Dallas -- as to see it lit up in blue and yellow for Ukraine. I know this site originates in Poland, and I know Poland is bracing for an influx of Ukrainian refugees -- thank you to the good people of Poland for their willingness to help, and let's all decry naked aggression by various countries whenever it occurs.

Once I saw an amazing light

Once, some years ago, I had an experience that I always think about on Christmas Day.
I had been on a course of meditation for about six months, and as I got better at it, I found it very calming and peaceful. The exercise for that day was to fall back into myself, letting all of my usual thoughts and ideas go, and merely watching them pass me by as I fell back and back and down.
After about 20 minutes, I came to a curtain, which seemed to be black, and made of construction paper (when's the last time you even thought of construction paper!). As I watched, the paper began to lift, and behind it was a light, brighter than anything I'd ever seen. The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes, and I could feel myself backing away from it rapidly.
I adjusted my breathing and was able to get back to the curtain. This time, when I saw it, I felt myself ripping it aside. The light was still there, and the feeling was one of literally being hit by a Mack truck of love, like nothing I have experienced before or since. It was just the most peaceful, beautiful feeling, and for some time after that things that would normally have irritated the hell out of me (no pun intended) just didn't bother me at all.
Over the years, I've come to believe that that light, and that love, is the only real thing I've ever experienced, or ever will, and that it is there always, just on the other side of the curtain.
I wish that light, and that love, for everyone alive today. May your hearts be filled with the joy of Christmas -- even if you're not Christian -- and may you all find that light that surrounds us all of the time, and that waits there, just on the other side of that curtain.
God bless.