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In the world we inhabit, it's easy to overlook things we should all be grateful for, if they apply to us. 10 fingers and 10 toes. Legs that work to get us wherever we're going. Hands that can grasp whatever is needed. Literacy -- because with that, we can learn anything we might wish to know. Never having known real hunger or thirst. Warm or cold water cascading over us to help ease the aches and pains of living, all at the twist of a knob. A roof over our heads, and a warm bed to lie in when we decide it's time for sleep. The ability to speak our minds freely -- oh sure, there will be pushback from those who don't share our views, but so what? -- on any topic, including our distrust or disdain for our government (ask the people in Hong Kong!). Grocery stores that bring us a wide variety of foodstuffs with which we can sustain ourselves, no matter the season. Air systems that bring us warmth in winter and cool us in summer. The opportunity to love and be loved by some really wonderful people. A dog. A cat.

In short, because this could literally go on forever, we have a lot to be grateful for every day. And jumping ahead a holiday -- "God bless us, every one."