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PEOPLE CHANGE 2017-03-11

     It is a well know fact that people change.  There is nothing we can do to stop it or to speed it up people change all the time.   Some times it is a physical change, and sometimes it is a mental change.   Some people get kinder, but sometimes people get meaner.   What hurts when people change and friends grow apart.   I have a couple people in my net life I have always thought of as friends.   I stood beside them when others attacked them and things they cared about like their pool league.   Even when they took over a year off from running a tournaments still me and my friends stood by them.   Then today they turned on me.   They showed up in a room where I was playing on another id.   I accidently mistook one of them for someone else and the mistake was not taken kindly.    When someone says F U to you, you know they are angry at you.   Or if they ask you if you are stupid you can be pretty sure they do not feel the same about you as you thought they once did.   If you ask them not to be so mean and they disregard what you say they are showing you they have no love or respect for you.   
     I am the kind of person that tries to put the needs of those I love before my own and many times I wonder why others do not do the same for me.   I do not understand why anyone feels their heart with anger and hate over something so little and stupid, but I do know I too have changed and I have no room in my heart for people that think it is fine to turn on people that care about them, and to break the trust of those that trusted them.   If someone tells me not to tell someone something I NEVER TELL IT.   However those that I once called friends tend to do it more and more.
     Sometimes the little holes in a friendship can be mended if both partied want it, but sometimes the chasm is too vast to jump.   Only time will tell which this change will bring about.   It is always shocking when people you love turn on you unexpectedly, but this is one of the parts of life,and always will be.   When people change sometimes their changes force you to make changes in you do not really want to.   I had to decide if I was going to stay with people who  put me on ignore  and then took me off ignore to tell me I was stupid. lol I may indeed be stupid, but I am not stupid enough to stay where I am neither respected or appreciated.   The truly ironic thing about what happened tonight is they did not hurt me they only hurt themselves.
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  • JOHN171321 year 100 days ago
    Very well put could not of said it better myself ! I think we all go through things like this from time to time. The hard part is when you feel discarded by the very people you thought were your friends!
  • mhjsaumur1 year 97 days ago