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I think I have figured out why so many people feel sorry for themselves. In this world of everyone living inside their phones or smart devices, few people actually spend any time one on one with real people. We are losing the ability to care about other's feelings. In the wake of that with the human nature of wanting to be cared about, when others do not care about you they only care about their phones, people need to care for themselves. When no one else shows them compassion or pity for things that go wrong in their lives, they fill the void by feeling sorry for themselves.
There are more lonely people these days the world disconnect causes people to feel that they themselves are the only one that cares about them. This comes off as self pity to others seeing it from the outside. I think instead if being critical of these people we need to show a little compassion for them. When someone is starving fro attention from other humans they will do nearly anything to get some/

Stay Safe

   It has been a while sense I have been here.   Yes I am still alive :) .  Hope you are all staying safe. Just remember everyone this virus will not last forever. Some day we will be able to walk in the sun without mask shaped tan lines :) .

It's been a while

     It has been a while sense I have written anything.   With Christmas approaching I find my head full of memories of past Christmases.  Some of the memories are good ones some are not so good.   The ones that hurt the most are the ones of people I have lost in my life. It does not matter how I lost them, some died, and some moved on without me, and a couple I moved on without.  
     I feel everyone that touches your life for good or for bad is there for a reason.  There is something you re meant to learn either by their presence in your life or by the way you lose them.  A few people stick out profoundly.   I had a friend that was like a sister to me.  I even introduced her to someone one time as my sister.  I thought she would always be part of my life, but she moved up in the world got a good education and a better job.  Now she does not even stop to say hi when she drives by my house.  I have no clue what caused her to be like this.  Her sisters are not like that.  When they see me not only do they stop to talk,  her one sister usually hugs me.   I saw here just last week.  That may be why this is on my mind now.   I had another friend that from the first time I met her it was like I had known her forever.   She was very good to me MOST OF THE TIME, and I miss her. The thing is I have only myself to blame for losing her. We got into a fight one day, and I said something I knew would hurt her to make her back off.   Unfortunately for me not only did I make her back off that day. She stepped out of my life forever.   That will be 3 years ago in March and still sometimes I morn the loss.   She is still alive , but apparently because of what I said in anger I am dead to her.   Well you know what they say about acting in haste and not thinking things through first.  
   Three days before Christmas will be the anniversary of the death of my first real love.   He and I had broke up about a year before his death, but we had managed to regain our friendship before he died.   Had he lived he would have been married in June of the following year to a wonderful woman who was really good for him.  Even though we parted I still miss him this time of year.
     I guess truth be know I have not really had a great Christmas sense 1969.   My grandpa died Christmas day.  I was just a kid and I was setting there playing with the best toy I ever got when the phone call came in Grandpa was dead.   Nothing like the death of a family member to take the edge off a happy feeling.
     Enough sad stuff.  I am going to try to be happy this Christmas.  I had a pretty good year this year.  I am going to think good thoughts, and try to push the sad ones out.   I am hoping for another good year next year.n0.gif?v=122   HAPPY THOUGHTS lol.   
   I doubt the people that are no longer in my life that are still alive will ever see this blog BUT if the do I hope they know I miss them. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.   Remember one thing HOLD ON TIGHT TO THOSE YOU LOVE  we never know how long they will be in our lives.

Ode to a td

Ode to the Tourney Directors


The people that run tournaments for us have taken on a lot of responsibilities trying to run organized games for us in a friendly, helpful and polite fashion. They set it up, spam it, mass it, answer the questions about the tourney repeatedly for every new person to enter the room or has missed the spam, explain the rules to all who need it repeatedly, answer general questions, be ready explain for games like MP, NBIH, do you have to sink on second break and so on, repeatedly and answer the never ending yim’s as well as take all the reports as they come along.

This is the reason a non typist like myself is deathly afraid to try be a TD and if you catch my drift, can be a very, very busy job. Yet it does not stop members from complaining when pairing mistakes are made and when you put all of the above into a busy lobby we should only praise these wonderful people and always thank them for the efforts for what they do for us and our enjoyment and fun.

When a league or a TD cordially asked you to jump a tourney yourself or report it with opponent, tourney name it is not because they are lazy or don’t want to accommodate, it is because it is a very busy job and they need our help to run it timely, successfully and make it enjoyable for all of us. We should always thank them for the jobs they do for us.

Suggestions to assist our TD’s


Jump tourneys ourselves or have “friends” ready to link us.


Instead of always asking “am I waiting” keep standings available to you and     refresh to find your answers and will tell you if TD has missed your report because of a busy lobby.


Look “up” in lobby to see if questions were already asked and answered.

Ie: BIH, rules or do I have to make break on second rack.


Pay attention because so many questions are repeated.


Only play the amount of tourney’s that you can stay alert in because TD’s are not our slaves, they are trying to direct the games, please allow them to do so.


Do not be in a rush to be critical which causes needless confusion and always try to help.


 Be an “ATDNTA” (assistant TD-no tourney’s allowed) and be helpful to our wonderful friends and all will be run more smoothly.


     Have you ever noticed how when you must change something in your life often it will effect other peoples lives.   Lets take for instance the case of my middle niece.   A few years back she was forced to take a different job due to a company downsize.   It was with the same company but in a different city and state.   As a result she and her husband did the best they could.   During the week she would stay near work and on the weekends she would come home.   Their kids would stay with their dad at home, and their grandma would help out when needed.   It was not easy on the kids especially the older daughter who is in her early teens now.  She tried to be strong, but at my brothers funeral 2 years ago I saw just how much she missed her mom.   She was rarely more then 2 steps from her mom.   My niece's choice to take the job out of town was hard on everyone, but they got through it as best as they could.  
     Last Christmas time we got some great news.   My niece got a new job with more pay closer to home, and was able to move back home with her husband and daughters.   It was the best Christmas we had had in 2 years.     Sometimes when someone leaves a place they had been at for a long time to go somewhere else it does not matter if it was choice or necessary that decision is never easy to make and never easy to deal with for anyone involved.   I am sure when she took the job out of town and it was at a lower position then  she had before it was not easy for my niece.   She is kinda bossy and would have hated  taking orders from people of a rank which she was over at one time, but you do what you think is best at the time.   Had she went to another company she would have lost many of the benefits she worked so hard to get.  Then to have to work her way back up from a lower position was not an easy thing to do mentally or physically.
     People make changes in their lives every day and some work out well, but some do not.  
     I have a friend who made a change some months back and was unhappy with the decision.   It was I that suggested she see if she could return to a place she was more happy, and she was able to make the change back well, but something had also changed in her.   It was like she had lost some of her sparkle and shine while she was away.   It is hard to explain, but sometimes when people do things they think about it for a long time after, and those thoughts sometimes bring about changes in their personality or their outlook on life.   Only time will tell if my friend and my niece will adjust well to being home after being away.
     Another kind of change I have noticed lately is the net dating relationships.    They start fast, burn hot, then fizzle out in time.   I have seen it happen so many times a couple will get together and e date for a time then suddenly things will start to go bad.   The breakup of these relationships cause much pain to all involved.   Change does effect others so we should think about what we do.