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This second book in the series deals with and ex vet trying to deal with his injuries avter the explosion of a bomb that killed his brother, and cost Max aneye while creating wonds that left scars on his body. He had a death wish, until he met Lexy, a popular, beautiful, modle, who was looking for a diferent life. She longed to be away from the runway and to have a home and family of her own. They helped each other heal from their past. As all the books in this seeries there is a generous amount of danger, attempted murders, violance, and secrets. This story has one of my favorite themes for most of the storied i like to listen to. It had a man willing to die to protect his woman, and a woman who has just as much dedication to her man. I am working on the third book in this series. The thing I find really interesting, is this seeries was written published and marketed by the writer. ???? I want to be her. A woman that believes in herself enough to make her dream happen.

BOOK REVIEW 9 Special Ops Shifters: The Complete Series Collection

This review is of a collection of sevrel in the series: Special Ops Shifters: The Complete Series Collection. The early books were not bad, and followed the pattern of most shifter books. The last one was a little different. It was about dragon shifters. We all know shifter books are fantacy, but this one went above and beyone fantacy. First there is a male dragon shifter. He believed he was the last one in the world, untill he went on a mission where he found a female dragon in a lake. She also thought she was one of a kind. She was acient. Dragons allegedly had very long life spans. He used his diplomatic skills to settle some of the problems he was sent there to fix. They fell in love, but they were both determined to stay in their own worlds, and parted when he was done with his mission. ( First problemI have with this is: dragons are said to be reptiles, so how could they change into the all too mamal humans.) Some time passed. He missed her alot. Newyears eve he heard a banging on his door just minutes before midnight. The person on the other side would not go away, When he found her standing there he was really excited. She told him of her search to find more dragons. He asked if she found any. She said she had found 1, and ran her hand across her belly. She was pregnant with his child, and that was all it took to get her to follow him. (Second problem with this: If dragons are reptiles why was the baby inside her belly that was a mamal thing. Why did she not lay an egg like other reptiles.) I have found a few others have done dragon shifter books, but I an not sure the concept works.


The heroine of this story has a rare genetic condition, that makes her unable to fight off the effects of uv light. Her world has always been one of the night, lived in the shadows. She would jog at night. That was where she first saw Ajax Battleson. At the suggestion of a friend of his, he had taken to riding his bike at night on the same track Em ran her nightly jogs. This book has espionage, commandos, intrigue, mystery, unexpected love, danger, all ending with a happy ending. I highly recommend this book. It s centers on ex military specialists, that started out as Juvenal delinquents. In one of the later chapters, the book took 3 turns even I did not see coming, and I have listened to many of this style books. If you like stories about special ops, or rare health problems, or unexpected love, or finding the one for you in an unusual place, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. There are at this time8 more books in this set. I own 5. I will probably do reviews of them as i finish them.


I was chatting with a guy on another site last night with an id I had just made that night. He asked me what my name was? I told him i do not give out my real name on that site. The next thing he said to me, he called me by my real name at the end of the sentence. I was shocked. I asked him if he was psychic too. He said he did not think so. I said then why did you call me that name, how did you know it was my real name. He said it just came to him. Either he is telepathic and on my wave length, or he is the luckiest man in the world, and should buy a lottery ticket. So do you believe in telepathy?

REVIEW 7: Special Ops Shifters: The Complete Series Collection (Shifter Nation)

This 4 book series is is about a bear , a lion, a wolf and a dragon shifter. The first 3 books were not bad. The 4th book was not that good. First dragons so not exist, but this one thought he was the last of his kind. As all his buddies found their "FATEDEMATE" he thought he never would, because he thought he was the lost of its kind. Dragons live a very long time, but he had never seen another of his kind. He found her while on a mission, another dragon, a female, his:fated mate. They were both so wound up in their own homes, neither wanted to move where the other was. When his mission was done. He went home trying to forget her. New Years Eve, she showed up on his door seal. She told him she found another dragon, and rubbed her tummy. She moved in with him and it was over. She moved in with him.