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I sit here thinking of the past.

Remembering how it all happened so fast.

One week and everything changed.

It was all so strange.


I gave all my trust to you

I never suspected what you would do.

You made me feel lower then dirt.

Then you did not care how much it hurt.


We were there for each other when we were sad.

We shared everything that made us glad.

You left another’s words come between us.

Our friendship ended in a big fuss.


Even after all the time gone by,

The thought of what we lost makes me cry.

I know you miss me as much as I do you,

But our stubbornness will not let our true feelings get through.


Part of me wants what we had before.

When I tried I felt like I was talking to a closed door.

You words cut into my sole,

And left a gaping hole.


There are times I still miss you,

But you cannot see what is true.

I do not know how to get it into you head

You do not treat friends like you did.


Maybe I need to just move on,

And forget about the time that is gone.

The times I was happy just to be with you,

And help you with anything you asked me to.
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