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September Baby Boomers 2017-09-09

     Have you ever noticed how many birthdays are in September?   In my own family there were 5 people born in Sept.   So far this month there have been 7 birthdays among my friends and another 5 that I am sure of yet to come.   I think I may have an answer to why so many people were born in Sept.   If you do the math they were conceived in or near Dec.   When the snow is on the ground people are looking for fun things to do inside. It is cheep, fun, and you do not even need to leave your home to enjoy it.   As a result of all the snuggling in Dec. we get a bumper crop of babies in Sept.   That is just my opinion.   The bad thing about all these birthdays such a short time before Christmas can really put a dent in ones finances.   So what I did this year was bought several of the birthday presents way early in months that did not have as many birthdays so I had a little extra money to spend then.   Sept 18 alone there are 3 birthdays, my sisters, and 2 of my friends.  
     I am thinking kids with Sept birthdays have got to have mixed emotions.   They are happy because their birthday is coming, and they are bummed out because school is starting back up and summer is ending.   Speaking of summer ending, we did not have many warm days this summer so our summer and fall kinda just melted into one.

     I want to take a minute on a totally unrelated subject to ask everyone to say a prayer for all those hit by the hurricanes down south.   I could not imagine what I would do if someone told me it was mandatory I evacuate my home, because a storm may destroy it.  What do you take with you ?   Where do you go? What will you find when you can finally return to your home?   I am so grateful   I live in an area that does not get that kind of weather.   I think we should all give thanks for what we have because it could all be gone in a flash, and not forget those who are facing this problem now.    
     You all remember when the president made the remark about the wall he wanted to build?  If he wants to build something perhaps a storm wall along the shores that keep getting hit by these storms would me more useful, just a thought.

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