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     Today is a beautiful day. It is not as hot, no rain , and few clouds with a cool breeze blowing.   I threw some bread out to the neighborhood birds and sat there on my porch just watching them.  They would come in pick up a piece and take it a bit farther back to eat it.   The funny part was this grown baby bird. It kept trying to get the parent to feed it, and the parent wanted it to eat on its own, so it kept moving away from the baby.   I was watching them the other day and I think the one was trying to get the wrong adult to feed it, because I saw the bigger bird grab the younger one by the beak and flip it to the ground.  I had never seen that in a bird before, but it found its real parent and started following it around lol.  I will be surprised if some of these birds do not have 2 sets of babies this year. The first set is nearly grown and it is only mid June.
     I hope we get some more nice days. All those clouds and rain was getting old really fast.   I heard they were canceling the fireworks this 4th of July. Probably because they had to cancel the big cook off they usually have with them.
     I thought it was bad the year I graduated because we had a big teachers strike that year and to get all 180 days in they had to tack and extra hour on each day, and make everyone even the seniors go to the very last day allowed by law. But these kids this year got it worse.  The graduated in small groups so they did not get to see their friends one last time before they have to be adults.  All their events around graduation were canceled.  Today my neighbor is having a small graduation party for her daughter,but it is not nearly as big as it was originally going to be.  At least they has a nice day for it.