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     There is something wrong when you find yourself quoting things from Disney movies to make a point. lol  I was talking to my sister this morning and she brought up the story of the man that helped pull an officer from an accident.   She remarked about him being honored for it.  I said, yea he should be.  She said well there was another member of the police force that helped get the officer out, and he was not honored.  I laughed at this remark.  I told her it was his job to try to help, that is what the police are meant to do, to protect and to serve, so he was just doing his job.   The other guy was not on the force so he was helping out of the goodness of his heart.   Then my sister said, but the guy that was honored was waiting trial on some law he broke.  I said yea and??? I told her he will still have to go through with the trial. The good deed and him being honored for it has nothing to do with anything he may have done wrong before it.   At that point I quoted a couple lines from a Disney movies. One was  we all have good and evil in us, and the other was you never know where the good or evil will come from.  The point was that even someone that is supposed to be a good guy like the police can do bad things as we are seeing all over the media lately.  On the other hand someone that is alleged to be bad can do good things.   No one really knows what is in the heart of another or what motivates them to do the things they do.  Sometimes we as human beings just act on impulse. I know that to be true , because when I was 13 years old I acted on an impulse that saved a little girls life.  I saw her standing on the road not moving as a car was coming at her fast. I did not even think about what I was doing as a reflex reaction I jumped onto the road grabbed her and jumped off.  We barely made it I felt the wind from the car as it flew past us.  My poor mom who had seen this all from our porch yelled at me that I could have been killed. I told her if I had not did what I did Sandy would have been killed.  I was not thinking about my safety when I jumped in front of a speeding car.  My body knew it had to be done and reacted without thinking.   Sometimes something deep inside us will act on us to do things that may be really out of our character, and we just go with it.
     I have a lot of trouble understanding why one action that is different then what people think you are like can wipe away everything you did before.   I think everyone should be accepted for how they are and what they do at the time, but I do not think one thing should wipe away their whole past.    However sometimes that one thing can be just the first step on a different road from the one you had traveled in the past.    Sometimes the real us is trying to get out to be who we are meant to be rather then who we are now.
     I will leave you with another quote I like, but I do not know who said it first : I am not what I should be.  I am not what I am going to be, but thank God I am not what I was.