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     Why is it that people today tend to assume only certain people can be  prejudice?  Are not the people that think someone is prejudice ( just because they are white ) themselves practicing a form of prejudice themselves?   I saw something written recently that said people are calling for the killing of innocent  white people, and white police officers.   If you take such a stand are you yourself not guilty of the same form of prejudice that you have accused others of? 
   I am white in color, but my genealogy is mixed. You can not tell it just to look at me, and I remember the time a young black child made an accusation assuming I was prejudice because I had told a group of children in our after school program they were breaking a rule that most of them knew was in place.  The child said you do not want us in here( meaning the game room which the rule stated the children must have an adult with them to access and they had none when they went in the room) because we're black.  Just so happens a a preteen girl that had know me her whole life and who was also black was there with  the children that day.  I called her by name and said to her, You have know me your whole life. Am I prejudice?  She said no Miss Jane you treat all kids the same.  I then turned to the little girl that had tried to claim prejudice to get away with breaking the rules of the program, and I said, She (meaning the little girl that said I treated all kids the same) knows me really knows me, You took one look at my white skin and assumed prejudice, I said it appears you may be the one that is prejudice, and by the way I have black blood on my dad's side, but because you could not see it you made a wrong assumption about me. I do not know if I made the point that you can not go by looks or not, but I hope I did.   Now a days some people play the prejudice card not because they really believe someone is, but as a way of trying to break rules others must obey.  I think that is a shake . Some white people get nervous when the race card is played and will do about anything to appease the person saying it,  Problem is that when people cry discrimination when there is none it makes it harder for people to prove it when it really happens
     I love my neighborhood.  It is low income housing, and has about an equal number of blacks and whites,and a couple that fit into neither category.   We have something here most of the rest of this country does not seem to be able to maintain.  Nearly all the people in my neighborhood  are nice to each other.  We rarely have a fight that is not from members of the same house hold, and everyone will speak to you on the street and ask how you are.   I am not frightened to walk anywhere in my neighborhood day or night.   I really wish the rest of the country could understand we are not different just because our color does not match,  We are all the same under the skin (blood and bones).   We need to pull together as a country not try to hurt each other.   A very wise man once said "A house divided can not stand.  EVERYONE KNOWS WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER THAN APART.