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     Did you ever notice when things are going great something always happens to change that?   Or have you ever noticed when you think you are making your point of view perfectly clear someone will read into what you say and think you meant something you never even though?   Did you ever notice some people think they know what you are going to say before you say it, so they try to answer questions before you ask them, and they never have the right question?  Had a landlord one time would constantly try to answer your questions before you asked them, and what he would answer was never what you wanted to ask.  One time he did this and then hit me with I do not have much time. To which I replied well if you had let me ask my question instead of trying to answer it before I asked it you would have saved time, because you still need to answer the question I really wanted to ask.   Did you ever notice when siblings fight among themselves they will always go to the parent that is the easiest to convince they are telling the truth, even if they are not for back up?   Ever no0tice some things you would think were made well are not?  I have an orange teapot and i dropped a soup cup out of the cupboard and hit it. It knocked a chip out of the tea pot and the cup did not even chip.  Ever notice some people will dry to do away with the evidence when they get caught doing something they are not meant to do?  I caught a half dozen little children playing with a lighter the other week.  They were trying ot melt marshmallows with it. When I saw what they were doing I said does your mom know you are playing with fire?  The girl holding the lighter dropped it. What was amazing is she told the truth when I asked hi her mom knew she was doing that. She said no. I said do you think you should be doing that then? and she said no.  I guess there is a little hope for this younger generation after all. And lastly did you ever notice that many people in your life will try to change you instead of just allowing you to be you who you are?