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If anyone plans to buy any elite shungite on line be sure to read the complete description before buying it. I found an add advertising elite shungite pyramids at what appeared to be a good price. When I read the full description I realized it was not shungite at all. They were trying to pass off obsidian( another lack rock) as the higher priced shungite.  Shungite can be found only in Russia, and  science has proven it to be a good water purifier as long as a filter from em radiation. Shungite is expensive so if you want to buy some make sure you get the real thing.  If you order some and are not sure if it is real or not, the best way I have found to test it is to take the bottom off a small flash lite and touch the shungite to the center of the battery terminal and the side of the light.  If it is real shungite the light will light up. Shungite has a high carbon content, and is very conductive.
     So it is like the buyer beware. Another clue it may not be real is where it comes from. Elite shungite can only be found in Russia, if it says it is coming from anywhere else you may want to read the description carefully, and ask the seller questions before buying it.