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     Lately I am beginning to wonder why people think very one should be perfect?  It seems like lately if anyone misspeaks and says something wrong right away people are on top of it.  We all need to learn tolerance.   Sometimes people say things that may hurt another persons feelings, and that is sad.  Thing is THIS IS THE USA people are allowed to say how they feel, and if it does not break any laws EVERYONE can say what they want. 
     The bigger thing to do would be to forgive those that hurt us, especially if they apologize for what they do that hurt you.   It is wrong to not forgive someone who says something that they did not know would hurt your feelings before they said it.   Our forefathers fought for our rights to say what we want.   Now people are getting so thin skinned they take every little remark personally.   This country became great because of their differences.  
     Now at the risk of making people angry I really think I need to say I am so sick of this black lives matter thing.  SERIOUSLY! ALL LIVES MATTER !   I personally treat EVERYONE the same ,regardless of color or nationality. I think everyone has a right to live their life in any way they wish, right up till the point where it interferes with my personal rights.
There is a great line in the musical Oklahoma. It is: I AM NOT BETTER THEN ANYONE ELSE , BUT I WILL BE DANGED IF I AIN'T JUST AS GOOD.  People need to start seeing and treating each other just as you want to be treated yourself.  
   WHY CAN WE NOT ALL JUST LIVE AND LET LIVE?   So many people do not realize what they can learn from others if they gave the a chance instead of  judging  people by their color. When they should look to their hearts,
     I had a friend when I was in grade school.  She was the first black person I ever met, and she was sweet and kind.   Back then they would give out writing certificates if your writing improved over the year.  I got none because my writing had not improved enough. If it were now everyone would have gotten one even if they did not improve. My friend saw I was sad because I did not get a certificate.  She took off the  homemade necklace she was wearing, and gave it to me to try to make me feel better. I still have that necklace after 52 years.  Anyone looking at it that did not know the story about it would think it was junk, but to me it is a priceless memento from a good friend.
     On an unrelated subject. I wish people would learn to ignore people when they say mean things to you.  You ignore it they will stop in time, but if you respond you will be giving then the attention the crave.